I am a motivator, an educator, a coach, and a dreamer.


For the past 20 years, I've balanced a career in the arts along with a career in non-profit youth development.

As an artist, I have had the privilege of working as the artistic director of a small theatre company, as a solo performance artist, a teaching artist, a facilitator of youth voice for the stage, and a performance curator. Within each role, I was dedicated to sharing stories of the human condition, showcasing voices that rarely get heard, and asking the big questions of what it means to be alive.

As a teacher focused on youth development, I have spent the last 15 years at Project SUCCESS where I was a facilitator, curriculum and program builder, program manager, and director for middle school musicals. I helped develop, write, and deliver their core workshop curriculum, which centers around dreams, self-identity, and goal setting. While at Project SUCCESS I also developed and managed the Musical Theatre Department with a mission to empower students to gain confidence, a greater understanding of themselves, and build community through theatre arts. 

Through all of this work, I have developed a passion for getting to the heart of the matter - The core that drives human interaction and motivation.

 As I hit mid-career, I began to ask myself: 

What brought me to this point? Why am I doing what I am doing? 

What adjustments do I need to make to get to the future I dream of?

So, I decided to make a shift. Taking my desire to help people, my passion to create change, and my expertise in motivating groups and organizations to a new level. I've combined the best of what I've learned and focused it on a new audience to see what I might find, and how I might do the most good.