Love what you do.

Feeling stuck?

  Are you doing what you should be doing instead of what you dream of doing?  

Do you find yourself asking: How did this become my life?  

When is the last time you were truly excited to go to work?

Setting yourself on the right career path takes:

self-evaluation, planning, and support.

Coaching is a creative partnership.  

I'm here to help you discover your own unique path forward.

You will build a framework and a map toward your ideal future based off of

your values, your passions, and your definition of success.

I'm here to ask you the big questions, to listen, and to hold you accountable.


“Jeffry is a motivational wizard. Just simply conversing and being with Jeffry casted an inspirational spell on me! I’m a tough nut to crack and I don’t like being told what to do... I never felt like Jeffry was trying to figure me out — which is comforting! Instead, he led me back to myself and made me aware that the answers are close to home— right here within me.”
— Mindy Bolton: Creative Engagement Facilitator