I have been working with large groups for over 15 years and my philosophy is simple:

Get clear, get connected, and get to the core of the situation.

Let's inspire your team and help your employees feel invested, empowered, and motivated.

Together we will develop a unique workshop plan based on your company's goals, mission, and values.


Understanding Team Dynamics

Individual Work and Communication Styles

Workload and Time Management

Interpersonal Communication

Client Presentations and External Communication

Team Building

Leadership Development


The Big Why

With the goal of learning how each employee connects to your company's mission and story, participants share their journey to your business.  Then, in small groups, each person discusses what they uniquely bring to the mission, and how in turn the mission and organization serves them.

When employees feel connected to the core of your business, productivity and morale increase.


How I Work

Participants discuss four unique works styles then break themselves into groups based on which style best describes them.  Each group then works to identify what they want the other work styles to know about them, and what their style of work uniquely brings to the table.

When teams effectively communicate with one another, efficiency and company workload increase.


Trust Your Team

Through an energetic afternoon of team building activities, employees get a chance to connect on a different level, work together in new ways, and build cross-departmental trust and connection.

When employees feel connected to one another, company-wide trust, motivation, communication, and support increase.