In 2017, I left my job of 15 years to start my own business as a coach and facilitator. It was a risk, but I felt ready for the challenge and set to work. Almost two years later, and after some serious ups and downs, I’ve emerged as a successful entrepreneur.  But looking back, I see that I underestimated some of the challenges going it alone would pose. The work it takes to successfully strike out on your own along with navigating the everyday mental game of owning your own business has been an exciting, scary, and sometimes lonely journey.

What I’ve learned most is this: We can’t do it all on our own.

There is a beautiful and vibrant community all around us. We are artists, restaurateurs, small business owners, performers, dog walkers, chefs, and jewelry designers. And we are everywhere. So let’s share stories and learn from each other, because while your creative field may look different than mine, ultimately we’re all doing the same thing: figuring out a way to pay the bills, stay inspired, and keep it all together.  So let’s talk about it.

Each week I do just that. I bring you a snippet of a larger conversation with a fellow entrepreneur trying to make things work. This season, we focus on drive, determination, and how to keep pressing on even when things get tough.  

Welcome to the community.

Let’s talk about our journey so far, and inspire each other

to take the next bold step From Here.